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Monday, April 23, 2012

5 Things to Remember When Writing an Essay for a Scholarship for Single Mother

There are a lot of things that you can do to increase your chances of getting a scholarship and writing a scholarship essay is one of it. This article will be showing you five of the things that you need to consider when writing a scholarship letter. I will be showing you how to write it properly in order to greatly boost your chances of getting a scholarship for single mother.

1.) Establish your financial status – when writing an essay, the most important thing that you need to include is your current financial status. Let the provider know that acquiring a scholarship is your only chance to go to school. You need to convince them that you won’t be able to get a degree without their help and you need this to provide a better life for your family.

2.) Prove your worth – there are a lot of applicants who are hoping to get a scholarship. This makes the process hard for single mothers, because they need to compete with other single mothers who also need the money for college. When writing an essay, you need to prove that you are worthy of the scholarship. Keep in mind that financial status is not enough for you to be chosen as a scholar. Let them know your achievements in the past and the other things that will prove your worth.

3.) Be clear with your hopes and dreams – this is also a very important factor, because this will help you convince the provider that you deserve the scholarship. Let them know your plans for the future once you have finished your studies. You should also include your plans for your community, and how will you help them after you finish college.

4.) Let them feel your passion – in order to add up to your score, you need to let them feel your passion for studying and providing a better life not only for you and your family, but also for the people who needs your help after you finish your studies. Have the heart when writing scholarship essays, because this will help you stand out of the crowd of applicants.

5.) Make sure that it is error-free – one of the most common reasons why an application is rejected is because it is poorly written. I can remember an applicant who has a high GPA and has everything that the provider is looking for, but was rejected simply because she misspelled the word salutatorian. Make sure that you proofread your essay writing at least three times to make sure that it is error-free.

This article is based on information found in The College Application Essay, by Sarah Myers McGinty, which is available through our online store.

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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Tips for Essay Editing

Essay essay is what completes the actual writing process. It is a method to provide a reader with information that becomes a focal point, with the right style and direction.

Students, who submit essays without revising it properly, will lose out on those who make the smarter choice of getting their essays edited and checked for the following:

1.spelling errors
2.coverage of topical points
5.sentence construction errors.

Simple Tips for Essay Editing
Essay editing is not complex as it involves reviewing and scrutinizing the gaps in an essay. That is why it is important to opt for professional essay editing. An essay’s introduction and conclusion are its critical points of information. An introduction sets the tone and the mood for the essay while the concluding paragraph sums up the major points of the essay.

Use the following essay editing tips to make it more effective:

1.Do not rush through reading the essay.
2.Read the article and understand each sentence before moving on to the next.
3.Identify the frequently occurring errors and rank them according to the severity of the mistake. Watch out for similar errors.
4.Use an online grammar checker and spell checker tool to correct grammatical and spelling errors.
5.Edit portions of the essay that seem to divert from the topic or the point of view that you have taken to engage the reader.
6.Ask a friend or a colleague to help in essay editing.

High Order and Low Order Concerns in Essay Editing

Professional editors take a detailed view of essay editing by dividing various parts of the paper into two categories: high-order concerns and low-order concerns. High-order concerns relate to ensuring that the essay continues with its central focus and does not divert from the topic. An understanding of the target audience is required while evaluating this. Low-order concerns pertain to logical presentation of information, proper sentence structure and appropriate grammar.

The Internet is full of tips and information about essay editing but generic information may not help your essay to stand out and create the stunning results that you are hoping for. At Penn and Paper, editorial experts identify the problems in your essays, provide creative help and suggestions to make it stronger and increase your chances of acceptance and recognition in any competitive environment. So, visit us right away!

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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The Need To Buy Essay Online

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Custom research paper writing is writing about our perceptions from all that we have absorbed during the research about the topic . As its name sounds research papers can be written only after many years of unswerving research about a particular domain or realm. The questions that most often occupy the minds of students who are involved in custom research paper writing are:

1. How to start with research paper writing?
2. What are the sources I must refer to get the related matter?
3. Even if we know the sources how do we get access to those sources?
4. What are the important points to be extracted?
5. How do we concise the extracted? What are the points to be highlighted?
6. How to format the research paper? What is the size of fonts, the index spacing to be followed? 7. How to draw out the bibliography?
8. How to plan time management to complete the research paper on time?

Its time for solution and the solution for all the questions is granted by writing services company. They have a team of skilled writers who redeem you from all the pressure that has kept you hooked. The right staff for each custom research paper is chosen as a wide knowledge about the given topic is critical for the finest research paper writing. The writings for research paper must completely be original and unconventional. Three are 4 main parts in the writing of a research paper. The first part is the abstract which is a short description of the entire research paper and the techniques involved in not more than a single paragraph. The Introduction part gives a comparison of the existing and proposed system. The next part briefly explains the evidence of methods followed and the last part forms the conclusion which is a rundown of the importance of the research paper.

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Monday, April 16, 2012

Essay And Dissertation Writing

As part of your coursework for earning your certificate or degree, it is likely you will have to write several well-researched essays. Essay writing should be a central feature in any balanced CV. You should be able to show that you know how to select a topic, research it thoroughly and then put together a series of arguments with supporting facts based on your research. Finally, you have to be able to back up your conclusions with quotes from the works or texts you used to support your findings and results.

All of the work involved in writing an essay or in your dissertation writing can be quite daunting. It takes a lot of time and effort to bring all of that work together and to then write it down in your own words so as to show what you have accomplished in the time spent writing your essay.

However, there are services out there that can help you through this mass of work. Professional dissertation writing services can help you with your research and writing needs so as to help you stay ahead of your coursework, and still create custom papers that are based on the work you need to finish as you work towards your degree. These services will research, write and quote all the necessary elements of your paper so that you can create a well-documented research essay that is in line with the level the specific course you are taking.

It is important to make sure that when you hire an essay writing service you choose one that will work with you to produce a customized essay or dissertation that will be on time and within your budget. But they also have to be able to write at the level you are currently working at. And most importantly, the dissertation writing service has to be able to produce a 100% original essay for you, custom tailored not only to your subject and course, but written just for you. Not doing so would not only be plagiarism, but if the paper is found to be an exact copy of another paper already turned in or published at another time, it could seriously damage your academic future.

So when choosing your essay writing service, make sure their work is original and written just for you. If the work is coming back to you too fast to be believed and with poor quotations, it is a sure sign that you are not getting what you paid for, and are also likely to be turning in a piece of work that could get you into trouble. But if you work closely with the essay writing service to make sure you have a paper that is right for you, and covers the exact topic you need the essay to be on, then you can be sure that your time and money have been well spent, and you can continue to make progress in your academic career without falling behind.

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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Writing A Successful Admission Essay

Gaining entrance in any college is continuing to get harder as more and more candidates are applying for a limited number of seats. So, Straight A’s and perfect SAT scores are not enough to get accepted into any of the competitive colleges anymore. Procuring outstanding marks in O and A levels are not sufficient to be eligible to get admission. The question arises, how can one develop or improve the chance of being admitted in the college or university of their own choice?

One of the answers is that the admission essay writing has to convince the admission officer that a student is not only smart, but special as well. It may appear to be just three hundred worthless words of writing, but the admission essay of a college application can be a strong reason for the candidate’s acceptance or rejection. The way a student writes that admission essay depicts the admission committee why he/she is different from everybody else. It’s not necessary for the essay to have a strong scientific topic, it could be anything. For example, my favorite teacher, story about my dog, best day in my life. The key to acquire admission is not the topic, but the way the essay is being written. It should capture the reader’s attention and demonstrate that the student is exceptional.

Some of the mistakes applicants make while writing the essays are:

• Instructions: Not following the instruction on the application. The notes on the top or on bottom of the forms are most important and require your attention.

• Clarity: Not indicating clearly what it is that the student want to study. For some colleges with specific undergraduate schools, a candidate must indicate which program of study he/she intends to pursue.

• Thoughtful: Be attentive and thoughtful. Rushing and not paying attention to the look of admission essay is the equivalent of not being thoughtful of your reader’s experience.

• Repetition: Another mistake is repeating the same idea over and over in the essay just by changing the words. Be versatile with the ideas you generate through writing.

• Blunder: Writing the same essay for different colleges but forgetting to change the name. Make sure that you do not make such a mistake.

Writing a perfect admission essay is a very important step for your future academic years. So you must make sure that you do not make the above mentioned mistakes and write an essay which is impressive.

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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Persuasive Essay Topics – How To Come Up With Persuasive Topics For Your Readers

You need to come up with persuasive essay topics to effectively drive your point home. In fact, these literary texts, as the name implies, are created to persuade readers to your way of thinking.

In more ways than none, persuasive essay topics should convey the meaning of your reasoning. In fact, the topic should be constructed in a direct and concise manner, leaving no room for error and purely debatable.

You might say that the context of a persuasive essay should be open for more reasoning from other people.

What To Write About

When picking out persuasive essay topics to write about, it would be best to stick with your own personal opinions so that you will have a definite idea on what to put in it.

In most cases, you need to come up with a topic that will allow others to see your point of view, and telling them to believe that what you write is true.

Common topics for persuasive essay writing today include those of moral issues, like abortion, premarital sex, physical abuse on women, and so on. These general topics are purely debatable, and will be a perfect topic for your opinionated work.

Also, it would also be best to pick one where you have some experience in. You need to provide sample scenarios, as well as other details to drive your point home.

How To Pick Out A Topic

For starters, you need to come up with persuasive essay topics that are interesting to your readers. Your literary work will count as nothing if there are no one to share with your thoughts and opinions.

First off, choose a topic that is interesting for you before you consider how others will react to it. You need to make sure that you are very interested in the topic before you can persuade others about it.

Next, you need to think of the method on how you want to relay it to your readers. You first need to determine the reason for your essay, before you can write persuasive content about it. Set your objective first, and then come up with a way to write it in an interesting manner for your readers to enjoy.

In a matter of speaking, picking out persuasive essay topics is like telling yourself what you want to convey to the rest of the world. Besides, you need to be knowledgeable enough about it to persuade yourself before you can actually persuade others with it.

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Monday, April 2, 2012

Global Warming Essay- How To Write An Impressive Essay Immaculately

You might have seen kids getting so much overburdened with their school and coaching classes that they becomes confused about what to do and what not to do. After all they are kids and not magicians. They need something which can complete some of their work quickly and easily, so that they can manage to complete the entire task on time. Suitably there has been a remedy for the same from the internet. You can fix your problem by taking help from one of these academic service providers available online.

Essays are one of the major subject for which we usually get lots of homework from school. Though essay writing is considerably easy it cannot be done in haste and requires proper attention for a perfect essay. You can use the material given online to write a good essay these days.

Under mentioned is a sample of guidelines on a Global Warming Essay.

Global Warming: Write the Facts and Spread Awareness

Every one of us knows what global warming is. One of the globally accepted definition is, "The observed and projected increase in the average temperature of Earth's atmosphere and oceans". The increase in the rate of carbon dioxide is also one of the reasons for Global Warming. These can be attributed to causes such as trees being cut destruction of forests and high increase in the use of vehicles.

For the Writers

It is always a matter of confusion for writers that what all to be written in the essay. Well, in a Global Warming Essay the writer can mention the following points.

Reasons of Global Warning: In any standard, while writing a Global Warming Essay, a writer should always mention at least two to three causes of global warming. For example,

Growth and Advancement of Industries.

There are so many kinds of pollution such as air noise and water.

Burning of Fossil Fuels

Consequences of Global Warming: The next important thing to be mentioned in any Global Warming Essay is the outcome or the effect of the subject. For example,

Rapid increase in the earth's temperature which in turn causes Droughts, Tornadoes, lesser production through farms, etc.

Levitation in the normal sea level is yet another effect of global warming which happens due to ice melting and ocean's thermal expansion.

A reader must be able to understand all the causes and its effects in a detailed manner from this write up on Global Warming Essay.

Apart from causes and effects, another important thing to be mentioned in the essay is the Avoidance of Global Warning. As an example.

It is the human beings that are primarily responsible for global warming hence when our actions are measured we can reduce the destruction. Less usage of petrol and diesel, filter replacement of furnace, recycling toxic products, etc are some of the beneficial activities which can reduce the effect of global warming.

These were some of the guidelines which can do a lot for writing an efficient and effective Global Warming Essay. One has to keep in mind that the writing has to be oriented towards responsiveness.

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Sunday, April 1, 2012

How Can I Interpret These Crazy Essay Directions?

You have probably already encountered the phrase “compare and contrast,” and learned that in Teacher, this means to write essays about the similarities and differences of two stories or articles or species of fish. Now you have graduated to more advanced confusing phrases, and the trouble is, there are many more of them now. But just like “compare and contrast,” all these new phrases are, amazingly, still in English.

Take the phrase “critical analysis,” for example. We know what it means to be critical of something, and when we analyze something, we pick it apart and discuss all the little pieces. So all we need to do is combine the two terms. A critical analysis, then, is when we pick apart whatever it is we are supposed to be reading, and cast a critical eye on all the little pieces. What does this part mean? Is the author’s opinion valid? What do we know that can support or disprove it? Whenever you are asked to analyze, pick out each idea presented by the author and discuss it in detail. You’re less likely to miss something that way.

So what are you going to do when the teacher or professor asks you to do something like “synthesize the materials” or “evaluate critically” or “cross-reference” your sources? Many students in this situation are embarrassed to ask for clarification, thinking that they are already supposed to know these terms. Perhaps they are, but they often just go straight to the essay and guess at what the instructions mean. Bad idea. Particularly when most students have a dictionary no further away than their school library. Most of the time, those difficult and confusing words in your essay writing instructions have a meaning from regular life. “Cross-referencing,” for example, sounds like it would mean to reference across. (Many thanks to my co-writer, Captain Obvious.) The point is, that is exactly what it means. At the end of a source, you find the sources that that writer used. You then look a-cross to that other source, and reference it.

Let’s try “synthesize.” To synthesize is to combine things. So how do you synthesize reference materials?...That’s right, you combine them. Into a coherent, whole paper. Doesn’t sound so confusing anymore, does it? The same can be done with nearly every instruction you will receive in the context of an assignment. What does the professor want when she asks you to “evaluate critically” something you’ve read? That’s right, she wants you to make a judgment based on your knowledge of the subject. This technique can be use to translate nearly all essay directions. But what if you reach one of which you can’t seem to deduce the meaning?

No, you do not guess. You can ask a classmate. You can summon your courage and ask the professor. You can consult your librarian, your mother, or the fortune teller with a shop on Main Street. Granted, the fortune teller should most likely be a last resort, but there are many other resources to assist you in translating your essay directions. You can also use these methods to translate grading rubrics or other academic instructions that seem to be written in the dreaded language of Smartypants.

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Friday, March 30, 2012

Persuasive Essay Examples

Student life is quite tough. It poses a lot of challenges for teenagers who try to joggle their academics and extracurricular activities together. But oftentimes, the workload of school work makes them want to have some fun thus, they are more interested in joining various group activities and events. This makes them forget about the more important matters in hand such as home works, deadlines, assignments, research and term papers, and essay writing. This is also the reason why more and more students are looking for easy alternatives and close friends whom they can approach and say "please write my essay".

Well, there is an easier alternative available for you and boy will you be excited about it! There are actually reliable and trustworthy websites online that will help achieve that A+ in all your paper works! Name the subject and you bet they have got it! If learning how to write a persuasive essay is a tough job for you then you can ask the help from experts who can show you how to write an essay. More and more professional writers are signing up for websites to offer their expertise at very low prices. Students, teachers, parents and even other professionals are so confident and satisfied with every writing assignment they ask the writers to make. Imagine having a professor or a doctor, a nurse, or an engineer write your 5-page term paper for you? Well they are exactly the kind of professionals that offer their services for a very meager amount just so they could help you achieve that grade rating you are fighting for! Can you actually picture yourself going up to your professor and ask him "Sir, can you write my essay for me?" Of course not! It only happens at the right place and exactly the right time! This is the best place for you!

Just look at all the testimonials posted and the site which guarantees that you will be absolutely satisfied at how these professional writers do the job excellently for you! They do not even try to contradict you if you have some inputs to add. In fact, they would love you to do so! When you want your work done at a specific deadline then they will make sure that you have the first draft days or hours before that allotted time! These professionals are such experts that papers assigned on a very short notice with a very narrow deadline can still be accomplished before you want it! How can you top that? When you think that school is not enough to learn what you are supposed to learn, learning how to write a persuasive essay even when you do not actually see your teacher face to face is somewhat a fresh start. They offer so much advice and tips that actually has substance.

Never think twice about approaching these online professional writers for some tips on how to write an essay because they definitely have what it takes for you to achieve that goal without so much of a hassle. Tell your friends about it too and for sure they will be as satisfied as you will be.

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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Thesis Writing Tips Choosing and Working With a Research Supervisor

Preparing a thesis is a requirement for Undergraduate and Graduate students who are a part of a degree program. While the process may be very crucial for their academic performance, it is at times harrowing as well as interesting for the scholars to work upon. Writing a thesis just requires some basic steps and you also need an experienced person who can guide you in the right way. This write up discusses all the essential steps for writing a thesis in the best way.

Choosing the right topic

At the beginning, this is one of the most important parts and you must choose something which is very relevant and close to the subject of the studies. Here it is important to note that having two or three topics beforehand is a good practice so that there is flexibility at the time of researching and thesis writing. The process should be ideally started by undergraduates in the third year of their programs to have ample time for making any changes, if required. This way you can change the topic if proper research material is not available or if you find the topic to be uninteresting.

For graduate students, such inter-related topics should be drafted early on as later they will be choosing from diverse branches of study. This way a focused approach is developed towards studies and a student also has the time to explore any other topics that may be of personal interest, requiring more exploration.

Formalization of the topics in the early stages helps immensely as you can enroll confidently in the writing course and reach the thesis mentor with a clear frame of mind.

Searching for the thesis mentor

Finding the right person for assistance and supervision is very important and you must keep the following tips in mind for the same :

Searching for someone who holds significant experience in that area of study is a good decision as you can avail the guidance in the right direction. It will be better if the research supervisor has published a thesis on similar lines.

To start the search, you can firstly ask the faculty members or browse the publication list of various departments.

You can also ask other students who have already worked with a mentor during their programs to give you a suggestion. This is beneficial as sometimes you can even get to know about their working style.

Determine the approach of the prospective research supervisor to ensure compatibility. Some mentors adopt a nurturing approach whereas others provide initial guidance and prefer the students to be more proactive towards learning.

It is important that your style of working should match with that of the mentor to avoid any conflicts.

The process of collaboration

You should set up a feasible work schedule and adhere to it. Be active towards contributing to the project and let your goals be known from the first stage itself. Meeting regularly may not be possible so you can remain in touch with your mentor through e-mails.

Following the above mentioned steps makes the process of writing a thesis more streamlined and easy not just for the student but also the supervisor. This ensures that you can enjoy the experience while learning important information that will play a significant role in your academics even for the long run.

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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

PhD Dissertation Writing Service

The years spend in colleges and universities are connected with conflicting emotions. Entering real world whilst searching for a job, students fall under constant stress, as academic grow each year as well as the day still lasts for 24 hours. So, often it's hard to cope with all written assignments, essays, research projects, examinations and tests. When could be the time to live? - you usually ask. It starts right now. You have an excellent possibility to avoid physical and emotional overload by addressing any of the custom writing services. Having a task to write Doctoral dissertation or Masters thesis, you should definitely consult PhD dissertation writing service.

Reasons to Choose PhD Dissertation Writing Service

Usually PhD dissertation writing service works with certified writers only.
You have a possibility to cooperate with your writer directly.
PhD dissertation writing service has an access to finest university libraries.
The privacy is guaranteed on 100%.
Customers normally get free amendments, title pages, bibliographies, formatting services and plagiarism reports.
Customer support services work around the clock.

Reasonable prices, reputable and totally safe are probably the most prominent features of dissertation, essays, research papers and resume writing service.
Writing PhD dissertation will actually require a lot of time, difficult work and energy and can not be extremely troublesome in some cases. It is needed to posses specialized treatment and good research skills. If you aren't going to become a professional journalist or writer, the dissertation paper may become the hardest task entire life.
Dissertation writing measures numerous things, such as:

Perfect knowledge of the topic
Ability to present personal ideas
Ability to create unique ideas and thoughts.

Dissertation is most likely the culminating point in the process of getting the advanced degree. Writing starts with choosing the particular field of studies. Than it is required to look through hundreds of books and choose the topic and main issues of your dissertation. doing this student should construct unique research, develop statistical worktop, provide results discussion and write academically-sound conclusions. Sounds easy? Of course, but you need years of research and writing. Don't forget also about formatting, vocabulary and language requirements.
Don't to listen about it anymore? You have a perfect chance to apply to PhD dissertation writing service and all your difficulties will definitely solved. A great plus is a policy of returning the money – if something goes wrong it's 100% guarantee you'll receive your money.

But, be sure this can't happen,as PhD dissertation writing service quality is perfect with reputation.

After successful dissertation presentation you'll definitely search for business plan writing service to succeed in life and achieve success.

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Sunday, March 25, 2012

How to Write a Comparative Essay

A comparative essay is usually a requirement that many high school and college students dread. It is an assignment that a lot of students would rather avoid. But such task should not be a drag if you know how to write a comparative essay. This article will provide some basic steps or guides on how to write an essay.

First, read the assigned materials and if possible, read also the references of the given topic. After having gathered and read all the relevant information, the first step in writing a comparative essay begins. The student or writer, before learning how to write a comparative essay, must initially learn how to write an essay draft. The process begins by organizing one’s thoughts by writing them all down. Do not worry if the thoughts on the draft essay seem jumbled or not in sequence. They could be arranged in the final draft later. Once you have finished writing the final draft, do take the time to review it for at least several times because it is going to be the basis of the comparative essay writing paper.

A comparative essay must first contain a short and general overview followed by comparisons and opposing viewpoints of the assigned topic or argument. One important rule on how to write a comparative essay is to refrain from presenting a biased viewpoint. Opposing arguments of the topic must be presented in a neutral manner and the facts that can easily be verified by authoritative references. Personal viewpoints or comments can be included in the comparative essay, but they must be clearly established as such and must be kept at the minimum.

One of the things you will learn on how to write an essay is the style of presenting the arguments of the topic. Basically, there are two types or manner of presenting the facts and viewpoints. The first type of the comparative essay will start on a topic; then present the opposing viewpoints on that topic, after which the essay will proceed on another topic and present that topic’s pros and cons. Proceed with this manner until all the topics and related views have been presented. The second type of comparative essay is to present all the arguments and topics as a whole then choose a point of comparison then present all the opposing viewpoints together.

No matter which style is chosen, a summary or conclusion must then be presented afterwards. If any conclusion is to be drawn, it must be based on the facts presented in the comparative essay. Writing a comparative essay might not be easy but it should not be hard either. The basic requirements needed in how to write an essay includes organization of thoughts, critical thinking and some artistic flair.

For additional guides on how to write a comparative essay one can go to the school library or better yet, surf online to search for it. It is also advisable to look at some of the comparative essay done by others in order to see and get a feel of how a comparative essay is written.

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Friday, March 23, 2012

Get high class custom essays from experts who write for you!!

Are you bored writing sheets of essays or assignments continuously to maintain your grades? Are you dejected with lower grades get because of your miserable essays? Now there are companies that offer you custom essays and assignments in the required format within, at most, a day. These companies provide custom essays professionally written for the students in high schools or colleges for their Bachelor’s or Master’s degree and some of them also provide research papers to students written by expert writers. Do not waste your precious time in writing essays or get dejected with the skimpy grades!!

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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Descriptive Essay Writing

Descriptive essay writing paper is more than just writing about anything or on any topic. It delivers a description to the reader which is relevant enough to be included in an essay. A descriptive essay writer is meant to construct a true picture in his/ her reader’s mind.

A descriptive essay writer is required to use all his senses in order to deliver a complete description on the essay problem. The senses are requisite because it helps is describing an event, location, scene, an individual or any object.

To write a descriptive essay successfully, use descriptions to what you are writing on comprehensively. Decide your descriptive essay topic to which you are familiar with. After selecting a comprehensive ground, a writer is required to determine a point of focus on which the whole debate could be dependent upon. A sense should be implemented to it by asking a question that what should be included or eliminated. The feelings attached to that experience can play a great role in constructing an independent descriptive essay. The senses help in creating image in the reader’s mind.

A descriptive essay is apprehended to deliver the overall descriptions to any event, happening, scene or location. It mainly emphasizes on showing what has been done rather than giving descriptions for it. It focuses on building an image through describing it completely in the second attempt.

A descriptive essay follows the same format for writing that is, an introduction, body and conclusion. It is a method that builds an imaginary picture to make readers understand and experience the real thing by giving descriptions to it.

Other then these significant qualities, a descriptive essay should be proofread properly to make amendments where necessary. Descriptive essay writing could be a little lengthy process in comparison with other types of essay writing. By writing descriptions to every important issue or argument being raised in the essay paper, one can easily configure the real picture behind it. A descriptive essay needs proper guidance or assistance so, it is suggested to involve your tutor at every level and get your work approved in the early stages of writing.

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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Good Essay Writing Techniques

In its loosest definition, a written essay is any short piece of nonfiction. In a more specific definition, an essay goes beyond the mere facts of a newspaper article and includes analysis of facts and opinion about them. Essay writing is an essential skill and is taught in almost all middle schools and high schools. While almost anyone can write an essay, good essay writing is a rarer skill.

There are several different types of essays: formal or informal, personal or impersonal. Subject matter can range from personal experiences to literary criticism to analysis of current news events. An essay can compare similarities and differences between two or more books, movies, or events. It can explore causes and reasons for current or historical events, or recount lessons learned from significant life experiences. Good essay writing can be merely descriptive, but the best essays are also persuasive.

A very basic form of essay is the five-paragraph theme, which is taught in most high schools. It is very structured and formulaic:

Paragraph 1: begins with a statement of the topic and a description of how it will be discussed. It will list three aspects or points about the topic that will each be treated in a separate following paragraph. The first paragraph should move from a general statement to specific details.

Paragraphs 2, 3, and 4: each paragraph covers one of the three points outlined in paragraph 1.

Paragraph 5: summarizes the points covered in the earlier paragraphs and draws a conclusion about them.

While very common and useful in many situations, the five-paragraph format can be limiting. Some topics have more than three sub-topics that need to be discussed. In order to cover a subject in depth, such as in a college-level term paper or thesis, five paragraphs simply aren't enough.

All good essays have three main parts: an introduction, an argument, and a conclusion. The introduction contains a thesis statement which describes the subject of the essay and how it will be treated. The introductory section outlines the basics of the argument that will be discussed in detail in the following section. Good essay writing uses the introduction to grab the readers' attention and pique their interest in the topic. It draws readers in and makes them want to read what follows.

The argument section includes factual material but goes beyond the facts to analyze relationships, relative importance, causes and effects, or the impact of events on the people involved. The argument can have as many sub-points as necessary to thoroughly cover the subject. The word "argument" as used here does not mean hostile confrontation; rather, it is simply the outline of the writer's point of view. The argument section explains the writer's view, and may or may not attempt to convince the reader to adopt it.

After fully developing the argument, a good essay ends with a conclusion section. In the conclusion the main points of the argument are reviewed and summarized, and ideally tied together. This is where lessons learned will be described and the importance of the topic emphasized. The conclusion is the writer's last opportunity to persuade the reader.

Good Essay Writing Paper need not be difficult. It can be a very expressive form of prose in the hands of an expert.

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Monday, August 22, 2011

Ewritingpal Announcement of Result of Essay Writing

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Term Papers

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Thursday, August 27, 2009

3 College Essay Writing Tips Which Will Help You Avoid Trouble

If you are about to start college or university, you will need some college essay writing tips to help you stay out of trouble when you have to hand in your first assignment.

Tip #1 Know What is Expected

When you first have to write a college Essay Writing Paper, you may be unsure about many things - how should it be set out, how long should it be, should I write a straightforward essay or a report? And how should I quote references?

The way in which you are expected to set out your written work will vary according to the subject you are studying. In addition to this, each college, and in many cases individual tutors or professors, will have their preferred style.

So before you put pen to paper or fingers to keyboard, you need to know what is expected of you. Ask your tutor, refer to any study notes you have been given and if you can, have a look at some examples. You can do this by talking to students who are a year ahead of you and took your course last year. However, this brings us nicely to the next tip

Tip #2 Don't Plagiarize

Copying work which someone else has written and passing it off as your own is known as plagiarism and is a big crime in academic circles. This does not just apply to work written by other students, but also to information you find on the internet. Many students think they can just copy chunks of information they found online and use them to build their essays.

This has become such a problem that colleges now use sophisticated software to identify plagiarized work. So beware, you could end up in a lot of trouble and even be thrown out of your course for copying. But you can still make reference to other people's work.

Tip #3 Reference Correctly

You are probably wondering how on earth you can write a knowledgeable essay without referring to something someone else wrote. Don't worry, this is allowed, as long as you reference it correctly.

And there is more than one way to reference your sources in an essay! So you have to make sure you know which one the college prefers and learn how to use it correctly. The university I used to teach at used the Harvard style and one of my students insisted on using footnotes because she thought this was easier to follow. Don't make the same mistake! Use the style your college tells you to use, even if you disagree.

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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

College Essays - How to Write them Fast

Whether your grammar or punctuation is poor, you don't know how to spell or you just can not get the words flowing, writing an essay is one of your least favorite activities. You are not alone. A whole industry exists for both ethical and unethical ways to help you with your essay writing. This article will explore a few ideas on making your essay writing experience less painful while still creating a quality paper.

If you write like you talk you will end up with a very unprofessional paper. However, if you are among the people that can not get started this is exactly what you need to do. Just start writing with out regards to quality. Then after you have twice as many paragraphs as needed cherry pick the best and rewrite them in an academic manner.

Another technique for getting started is the Question and Answer method. Simply write down ten questions about the subject and then research and answer them. It is important to know your audience. The questions need to include a definition of the subject itself to make sure all the readers are up to speed. Of course, when you are done it is necessary to put them in the format needed for the assignment.

A great method to get started fast is to use another Essay Writing Paper as a template. The trick here is to use an essay on another topic, but the same style. For example, if you are doing a biography of Abraham Lincoln an essay on Benjamin Franklyn may make a good template. It is important not to use the same topic as that would lend itself to plagiarism. This technique can be used with compare and contrast essays, classification essays, etc.

Choosing the right subject or the right angle on the subject can really speed up your research. The ideal subject is not to broad in scope ("dogs" is too broad -- "dogs at work" is better) and with plenty of information available. If a subject is to broad you may have a hard time deciding what to include in your essay and the reader may feel it is incomplete. A narrow subject will tend to write itself as there is only so much to say. It is important that you find plenty of information on the subject so that you can choose the best sources to quote. Do a Google search. If you do not find what you want on the first page of your first search, change you topic.

The second part of speeding up research for your essay is to limit your searches to reliable resources. You need to make sure any source you site is respected and accurate. One way to do this when doing internet research is to limit your searches to .gov, .edu and journal articles. This will remove a lot of the less desirable search results.

Spelling, Grammar. Style and Punctuation.

Here is the hard truth, if you are in college and still struggle with this you probably always will. I do recommend taking a remedial writing course if you believe it may help. There is another option. Ask for help or pay for help. There are plenty of people that can proofread and edit your paper. It is important that the people that edit your work have strong writing skills.

In conclusion, writing essays is like everything else, it gets easier with practice. Keep your completed essays for reference and to use as future templates. Good luck with your next writing assignment and remember to try and learn from each essay you write.

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College Essay Questions - How To Make Them

The most difficult part in answering a question for college composition is when it is indirect. Here are some available types of Essay Writing Paper questions and explanations to what they are:

Compare and contrast questions. These types of questions will normally not carry a question mark. The question demands your ability to show the similarities a thing can have with another and bring out where they are different.

Argumentative essay questions

These questions require your critical ability to raise an argument and provide convincing evidence to support your arguments. In such a work, you will be required to take a stand or to propose a solution. The stand you take should consider the feelings of your reader and always give room to a call for action.

Persuasive essay questions

This type of question wants you to set out a coherent argument to convince the reader and persuade him or her to follow a particular line of reasoning. To persuade your reader, you need ample examples and evidence. Your evidence must relate to your arguments, must be up to date, reliable, to the point and accurate.

Evaluation essay question

This requires you to calculate approximately and give a genuine assessment of somebody or something. Your personal sense of observation and criticizing will therefore be needed. It may also require you to take an analytical study of the thing in question. Book review writing or opinion writing are all examples to this type of question.

Casual essay questions

These types of questions require you to give a detailed reason for the occurrence of something. Your paper has to dwell on what happened, why it happened, the course of events and maybe the implications of the event. Remember that when writing on causes, course and effects; you must follow a chronological order of their happenings. Explanatory and expository questions also fall under this category.

Classification essay questions

The main requirement of such questions is the ability to analyze things, categorize them. The thing to be classified may be concrete or definite or an abstract of knowledge or art. To classify is to make sense of a complicated and potentially bewildering array of things by sorting them into categories in which you can deal with them one at a time. You may decide to divide them into components which can then be placed into categories. Break down from large components to the smallest as possible. For example classifying animals in a park may start from animals to birds. It can then lead to carnivores and herbivores and possible from mammals to reptiles.

Research paper questions

These require you to present a detailed investigation about a particular issue and submit your own contributions towards education. They require a voluminous research and are mostly done as end of course papers.

College application and personal statement questions

These questions require you to write something convincing about yourself. They are very important to students seeking admission into college.

Controversial essay questions

These are questions on notorious and contentious issues. They are a mixture of argumentative, persuasive, evaluation and other essay questions. They revolve on issues such as homosexuality and the church or legalization of abortion.

College essay questions as earlier said will need some thinking to decipher. Some will be direct and some will be implied. While others are unique, some will be a component on all types of questions.

Essay Writing Paper to give students open source of how to write good, non-plagiarized and well-formatted college essays.

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Sunday, August 23, 2009

The Truth About Essay Topics

Your dream may be to become a best-selling author or maybe you just need the skills necessary to write that all-important college term paper. Whatever your reason is, it's never too late to acquire the knowledge needed for that "A+" written narrative. Before you get started, there are a few fundamental steps that you need to follow. The world is full of millions of essay topics and your job is to select the one that best fits your needs. Follow your dreams and start today on your road to becoming a successful writer.

When selecting something to write about, you must decide whether it is going to be a fictional or a non-fictional evaluation of a particular subject. And, are you planning on publishing your final work or is it simply going to be a way to supplement your income? Maybe you just want to share your ideas with others or perhaps you want to tell your personal life story. Are you are a budding author hoping to hit the best-seller list with your first novel? Whatever your reasons, the topic you choose must be something you believe in and are somewhat knowledgeable about.

Don't be afraid to put your pen to paper! You'll never accomplish your goals unless you are convinced that you can do it. Before getting started, think about what where your interests lie. What information do you have now and are there resources available for you to increase your knowledge about the subject matter? Who is your audience? Make sure that your essay is focused on the appropriate age group. Your audience should look at your topic and then truly want to “read all about it”. Finally, select from a wide variety of essay topics that are just waiting to be explored and written about.

Just follow a few simple steps to get an Essay Writing Paper you can be proud of. All you really have to do is to take the knowledge you have and put it into words that others will want to read. State your point of view and then supply the necessary arguments to substantiate what you have written. Whether it's fiction or non-fiction, the basic format is the same. All you really have to do is supply your reader with ideas and then expand upon them to the best of your ability. Select an essay topic that is right for you and then put your thoughts down on paper. Go for the gusto and give writing a try.

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Friday, August 21, 2009

Creating a Winning Essay

Essay writing is an art that requires both language skills and an ability to grasp different aspects of the same subject quickly. It is no wonder that most employers and university professors ask job seekers or students to write essays on a given subject to evaluate their mental prowess.

Great Essay Writing Paper writers like Sir Francis Bacon, Charles Lamb, Bertrand Russell and William Hazlitt were language wizards as well as scholars. They could create pen pictures of any abstract or concrete subject promptly. Such coupling of language prowess and understanding power may not be present in most of us. But, if you know the subject deeply and how an essay is prepared, you also can bring out good quality essays.

Every essay invariably starts with a relevant heading. The matter should be spread out in perfectly formatted paragraphs in order to aid easy reading. The first line should be made as interesting as possible. The first paragraph should contain the theme of the essay and your methodology of analyzing.

The next few paragraphs should include your arguments, points and sub points arranged in a coherent manner. Most of us go overboard in filling up the essay with ordinary information or fail to properly justify the arguments put forth. The last part, the conclusion, should be an encapsulated form of all your arguments with reference to your points. Such an essay would give a free flowing feel, and the reader would easily understand what you are trying to say. Otherwise your painstakingly researched essay would invariably end up in the dust bin.

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Thursday, August 20, 2009

A Few Steps to Writing a Good Essay

Writing an essay is probably one of the hardest papers to write, there are many things you have to take into consideration before you start writing your essay. For example the first thing you have to take into consideration is what the essay is going to be about. This takes research; some places you can go visit to do research on your essays are the internet, and one of the most popular places people go to do research is the library, either of these places are excellent because both have a variety of information.

Step 1: After you have researched your topic of your essay then you want to create a thesis, this will allow you to pick out your best ideas so you can assert yourself. In this this thesis you want to pick your main point and sum it up to let reader know what the essay is about, if this isn't done you might lose the readers interest quickly. Once you have your thesis then you will want to make an outline of how you will write your essay.

Step 2: Once this is accomplished you will want to start your introduction and start putting your essay together on paper. Once you start writing you want o make sure you divide your paper into paragraphs, don't run your sentences together, this will lose your readers interest and this isn't something you want to do.

Step 3: After you have completed your project you want to write the conclusion to the paper, this should be a quick to the point conclusion, to make your project successful make your conclusion as exciting as your introduction.

Step 4: One of the last tips to make your essay a success is go back and check your spelling and punctuation check it for errors and misspelled words, this is a very important part of writing successful essay.

Check out Essay Writing Paper for help and further guidance.

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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

How to Structure Your Essay - 6 Easy Steps

Being new to writing essay you will be unfamiliar with the structure of an essay at university. You may have written a few different essays at college during your A-levels or equivalent if not in the UK, but these will be a little different to what is seen as minimal in academia. After all, you want to bet getting the best grades possible from the work that you submit, so if your essay or report is structured in the wrong way, then you may end up missing out on marks because your thoughts aren't clear and your argument is a little fumbled. Below I will set out some steps that you can take when thinking about the actual structure of your paper and what you will need to submit an essay you can be proud of.

Step 1 - Get organized

In order to properly structure your essay you will need to organize your thoughts, your desk, and even the computer you are going to be typing on. Get rid of I-tunes and all other unnecessary programs for the time being as you will need to get a few documents open and even a note pad and pen to make sure you are heading in the right directions and eliminating any mistakes ion the way.

Step2 - Be informed

Many people seem to think that they can look at a computer screen, type a few thousands words and hey presto you have an essay! Well, probably it would be an essay in an ideal world, but let me tell you that the world is far from ideal and in order to sound credible to anyone who is going to read your work, you need to be able to understand all of the material that you need to source, read and digest. If you haven't got around to this stage yet, then feel free to go and learn about the subject you want to write, even if this is only an introduction.

Step 3 - What, How and Why?

You should also be thinking about when, where and who - these are termed as the seven honest serving men and will get you through your academic life. You are not just going to structure your essay around a topic and throw all the information you have learned about it on to paper and submit that as an Essay Writing Paper. Your lecturer/professor will be looking for your critical evaluation and thought process and want you to be constantly asking, well why is that, or how is that, or why did that happen, etc. You can also structure your answers this way.

Establish what you are going to be talking about.

Explain to the reader how things have been established and also put 'signposts' connecting one concept to another.

Answer why certain things have happened or arguments have ensued - this is probably the biggest part of your ability to show an understanding of the essay topic.

Step 4 - Choose a direction

You will want to set out a map or guide to how you are going to write everything and what way you will link each part to the next. You will also need to think about having the essay flow and choose the direction you want your argument to take. All great essays have a firm base that is built upon and they lead to a finalized position. Make sure yours does too and don't rely on not knowing where you are going to.

Step 5 - Write it and Write well

Actually getting down to the writing is a good start indeed, but structuring your writing to have a beginning, middle and end is the way to go. every part of your essay should have an introduction, a central body allowing the reader to see your argument, and then a conclusion of the particular section that links and leads onto the next.

Step 6 - Be Prepared

Preparation is one of the most important things to have when writing an essay or paper I the academic arena. You will want to have a plan of what you are wanting to write. Some students find it easier to map out their essay in preparation for actually writing their paper, getting themselves mentally prepared for the writing and thoughts ahead. Keep in mind that certain bits of information belong it certain parts of the paper, don't leave your reader second guessing your argument or wondering what the argument of the paper was about.

Also, if you want to get the best out of your submitted essays then you should have a proofreader or editor take a look at your work.

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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Persuasive Essay Ideas

However, what you consider to be good persuasive essay ideas need not necessarily be considered to be good ideas by your readers. Ideas are just one part in the persuasion exercise. The other part is how strongly you feel about persuading your readers to accept your point of view and act on it. If you are sufficiently passionate about persuading your reader the chances are that you will succeed. Therefore for an essay to be effectively persuasive you need to have a persuasive idea that your readers feel sufficiently strong about. Then you should be sufficiently psyched about the idea for you to sway your readers to accept your arguments.

Persuasive essays and argumentative essays are very similar to each other. The significant difference between the two is that in a persuasive essay the writer not only persuades readers to accept a view point but also attempts to make readers take some specific action. If writers are to do this then the arguments they put forth must be strong, sustainable and sufficiently compelling.

As in the case of other essays writers of Essay Writing Paper must also have a plan with which to work. At the planning stage writers should remember that readers should feel sufficiently strong about the topic in focus, otherwise the whole exercise will be futile. It is quite likely that readers already have some sort of fixed notions about the topic. Writers have the additional task of guessing readers' bias and beliefs, and use this knowledge to wean them away from their biases, counter their objections and finally persuade readers to consider and accept a view point that is different from their own.

Guessing readers emotions about a certain subject should not be the same as guesswork. It should be a studied guess. To do this with any degree of accuracy writers have to research the subject sufficiently, study existing proposals, understand popular mood relating to the topic and assess if all of the objections are surmountable. To overcome objections, writer's persuasive ideas should be sufficiently defensible. The stronger the evidence that writers have in support of their argument, the higher are the chances that they will be able to effectively put across their ideas.

From what has been said persuasive essay ideas that stand a fair chance of doing what they are expected to do, need to pass a few tests. The first test of an effective idea is if the idea is seen as important enough for readers to get involved. If this is not so then you will lose the battle even before it has begun. The next test is that the biases readers have about the subject should not be very strong. Their objections to new ideas should not be insurmountable. And lastly is the idea sufficiently defensible. That is writers should have sufficient evidence to prove their point of view. This evidence can be in the form of expert opinion, personal experience, data and statistics and parallel situations that writers can cite.

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